Give us 3-4 hours in your plant, and we will provide you with major $ Cost Savings, Guaranteed.

Cost Savings is your major objective or it is certainly in your top 2-3 objectives.  We understand that.  We know how to identify and implement cost savings at Manufacturers of Equipment (OEM’s and CM’s).  This is what we do, and we guarantee it.

We will provide resources and a specially developed process that will identify significant Savings opportunities in a very short period of time.  You will get an Executive Summary report of our findings and output.

What is the cost to you for this process of providing you a roadmap to cost savings?
It’s Free for qualified clients.

What is the ‘value’ of this process of providing you a roadmap to cost savings?  Well, that’s a pretty big number, but let’s just assume that we serve you up $150,000 of annual cost savings that you can implement.  What’s that worth?

What some other Manufacturer Supply Managers and Executives have to say about our process:

“DEE provided us with a lot of good content to review from your Cost Savings Identification Process, well beyond what I expected.”  Gregg Ovsak, Executive Supply Management

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, however you have definitely exceeded my expectations”  Randy Clay, Director of Supply Management

“Dee arrived with all the necessary people to find opportunities and produce a fast turn-around on cost savings ideas. It was obvious that Dee was fully engaged and committed. So far in just a few days since the event, Dee Electronics has offered to buy some excess inventory parts and they have also submitted ready-to-implement Cost Savings proposals of over $55,000.00/year.”   Mike McGurren, Supply Manager

If you think this process might be a fit for you and would like to discuss the process in more detail, please contact:  Todd Gifford at 319-739-4001 or you can send an email to

Our ‘Not for Wimps’ No Strings Guarantee
We guarantee our Cost Savings process, to ensure that you know that we are serious, and you have no reason not to pursue this unique opportunity.  We are very experienced at this process and always generate substantial cost savings from this process, and therefore we have no reluctance to put a bold no-strings Guarantee on the table.  If we come in and do our Cost Savings Identification Process, and you are not completely satisfied that we have presented to you substantial cost savings opportunities that you can implement (after we have received the information we request we need to quantify and assess our ideas presented post the executive summary step), we will issue a check in the amount of $500.00 towards your selected charity in your name.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does “Qualified Client” mean?
Obviously, we cannot perform this process for Free at every client, however, if you are an Equipment Manufacturer that is interested in obtaining cost savings, have a passion and creative vision towards obtaining cost savings in new and innovative ways, have a geographic location(s) that lends itself well to allow us to efficiently allocate our resources, and you have an open mind for implementing very realistic savings opportunities, then we would be open to performing this service at no charge.

How long does this process take?
Typically our process takes 3-4 hours with multiple people on-site, but obviously varies based on the size of the plant(s) and complexity of the operation.

How much time in preparation do I need to invest in this process?
Basically, no preparation time required on your part.  All we ask is that we have full access to all areas in the plant with exception to any ‘secret’ areas.  We typically are accompanied by someone from your plant staff, and just need someone that we can ask general clarifying questions.

What will I get after you are done with this process?
We will create an Executive Summary Report which you will receive based on everything that we find, see, and document as an opportunity.

If you would like to discuss the process in more detail, please contact:  Todd Gifford at 319-739-4001 or you can send an email to