4 Key Steps to Properly Manage EOL (End of Life) Parts – Free Report

April 18th , 2013 → 1:10 pm @

End of Life (EOL) issues are something that every Original Equipment Manufacturer Engineer, Buyer, Purchasing and Materials Manager, and Supply Manager have to deal with on a weekly basis.  Although parts going End of Life is unavoidable, because everything comes to an end, there are proactive and strategic steps that can be taken to better […]

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“They ask what we need and what they can assist with and follow through accordingly”

March 17th , 2012 → 3:14 pm @

I would say Dee Electronics’ most valuable trait is the fact that they are customer focused.  They do not try to “sell” us parts or services, they ask what we need and what they can assist with and follow through accordingly.  They work hard to provide the best customer service possible and don’t let us […]

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5 Tactics Rarely Done on RFQs But Should Be to Drive Greatest Cost Savings

February 28th , 2012 → 6:39 pm @

DEE has developed a White Paper Report as a result of analysis and observations and data with respect to the activities and effectiveness of the RFQ outcomes for many of our manufacturer clients.  Specifically, in this paper, we identify critically important tactics that are rarely ever done on RFQs by manufacturers — but should be, to achieve […]

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5 Key Factors to Successful Supplier Reduction / Rationalization

November 1st , 2011 → 6:39 pm @

Reducing the supplier base is a major initiative of all equipment manufacturers.  This can be a difficult and time-consuming project.  DEE offers a white paper report regarding 5 Key Factors that facilitate effective supplier reduction projects based on observations of many OEMs, where supplier reduction was achieved with simultaneous cost savings.  If you would like […]

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“Dee has solved problems that none of our other vendors had the resources to address”

January 8th , 2010 → 9:39 am @

Thanks for your help over the past few years.  While I’ve never been disappointed by the fast response and competitive pricing I receive from Dee, what really sets Dee apart from other venders is your understanding of our business, understanding of the products you sell, and continued communication and support after the sale.  Dee has […]

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Request For Quotation from DEE

December 14th , 2009 → 10:55 am @

If you would like to send us a Request for Quotation and do not know who your DEE contact is, please send your RFQ via email to: RFQ@dee-inc.com

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More Options Served Up Faster to Engineers than anyone else to solve your Design, Redesign, or VAVE Project Challenges, Guaranteed.

December 12th , 2009 → 1:11 pm @

DEE is a Trusted Advisor and Technical Expert in a diverse number of product and assembly categories and commodities.  Because DEE has a client-focused model , our first priority is to understand what your goals, problems, and needs are.  Then, we shift our focus and resources on serving you up as many viable options as […]

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Carlingswitch | Carling Technologies

December 11th , 2009 → 9:16 pm @

DEE Electronics is an authorized Carling Switch / Carling Technologies Distributor. To Submit a Request for Quotation on a Carling Technologies or Carling Switch Part, click here, or you can send an Email to RFQ@DEE-inc.com. Carling Technologies is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Hydraulic/Magnetic and Thermal Circuit Breakers, Electrical Switches and Assemblies, and […]

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Product Categories

December 11th , 2009 → 12:54 pm @

DEE is not a traditional component distributor, where the distributor focuses on just a certain specific commodity or product area and finite list of brands/lines.  DEE spans and supports across a very wide range of product areas and commodities.  The reason for this is that DEE has a working model which is Client-centered or Customer-focused.  […]

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3 Secrets to Hassle-Free On-Time Delivery

December 11th , 2009 → 12:20 pm @

3 Secrets to Hassle-Free On-time Delivery Through extensive research of Manufacturing (OEM and CM) clients, DEE has identified 3 Secret methods that create consistent, hassle-free on time delivery.  We have written a Free Whitepaper Report on this topic.  These 3 concepts, if implemented, will create significant certainty with respect to on-time delivery from your Suppliers.  But, just […]

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