4 Key Steps to Properly Manage EOL (End of Life) Parts – Free Report

April 18th , 2013 → 1:10 pm @

End of Life (EOL) issues are something that every Original Equipment Manufacturer Engineer, Buyer, Purchasing and Materials Manager, and Supply Manager have to deal with on a weekly basis.  Although parts going End of Life is unavoidable, because everything comes to an end, there are proactive and strategic steps that can be taken to better […]

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Key Secrets to Implementing a Reusable Container/Packaging Program That Adds $0 Cost AND Works Within Your Existing Replenishment System

March 23rd , 2012 → 2:59 pm @

Many Manufacturers are seeking to implement reusable packaging and container systems with suppliers to cut down or eliminate packaging waste.  The problem is that there are a number of obstacles that either bog down that effort, or severely limit the ability to economically implement it.  DEE has a lot of experience in successfully implementing reusable […]

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5 Tactics Rarely Done on RFQs But Should Be to Drive Greatest Cost Savings

February 28th , 2012 → 6:39 pm @

DEE has developed a White Paper Report as a result of analysis and observations and data with respect to the activities and effectiveness of the RFQ outcomes for many of our manufacturer clients.  Specifically, in this paper, we identify critically important tactics that are rarely ever done on RFQs by manufacturers — but should be, to achieve […]

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5 Key Factors to Successful Supplier Reduction / Rationalization

November 1st , 2011 → 6:39 pm @

Reducing the supplier base is a major initiative of all equipment manufacturers.  This can be a difficult and time-consuming project.  DEE offers a white paper report regarding 5 Key Factors that facilitate effective supplier reduction projects based on observations of many OEMs, where supplier reduction was achieved with simultaneous cost savings.  If you would like […]

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How to Dramatically Reduce Costs of Your Safety Relays

May 7th , 2010 → 4:29 am @

Original equipment manufacturers need compact, flexible safety solutions, but many safety systems on the market require complex software with expensive licensing fees.  This can deter OEMs from these products in favor of familiar, time-tested safety relays.  As a result, safety relays might be selected for an application when a safety system or safety controller is […]

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“Dee’s efforts helped us avert a possible serious part shortage before it could become one.”

January 12th , 2010 → 5:21 pm @

“We had a situation about two years ago in which a manufacturer of a part we had used for years decided it was no longer profitable for them to continue to build the device. Because this part was discontinued, Supply chain asked Dee Electronics, a preferred vendor, to make a last time buy on our behalf while we searched for a suitable alternative. With Dee’s help and persistence, we never […]

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Request For Quotation from DEE

December 14th , 2009 → 10:55 am @

If you would like to send us a Request for Quotation and do not know who your DEE contact is, please send your RFQ via email to: RFQ@dee-inc.com

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Supply Chain Inventory Visibility Tools and Alerts

December 13th , 2009 → 9:25 pm @

100% visibility to your Supply Line 24/7 — and proactive alerts if there is a potential issue.  That’s what you want and need in order to save maximum time and achieve consistent hassle-free delivery.  We understand that. DEE provides highly sophisticated Supply Chain and Inventory visibility tools for Buyers, Purchasing Teams, and Materials Management. Standard Supply […]

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5 Key Reasons Why Supply Management and Materials Management Do Not Meet Their Goals

December 9th , 2009 → 7:10 pm @

5 Key Reasons Why Supply Management and Materials Management Do Not Meet Their Goals….and how they can overcome these reasons.  There are forces at work that are preventing Supply Managers and Material Managers from meeting or exceeding their Goals.  Largely unknown, these factors are a powerful barrier to success.  This FREE Audio CD walks through […]

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“I expected Dee to provide us with a large amount of cost savings ideas. I wasn’t disappointed.”

December 1st , 2009 → 11:29 am @

“In today’s economic environment companies rely on their strategic suppliers more than ever. What separates a strategic supplier from just a typical supplier? A business partnership to drive mutual productivity, efficiencies, and opportunities. To this effect, we recently held an event we called a “Cost Savings Idea Generation”. Its purpose was two-fold: one was to […]

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