Low Power Vibration Sensor

April 25th , 2012 → 3:12 pm @

Low Power Vibration Sensor

The micro vibration sensor is used for the detection of slight movements and vibrations by means of a mobile micro sphere.  The ball bridges two contacts reducing the resistance between the two external connection pads from several mega ohms (> 30 MOhm) to below 100 Ohms.  The sensor is fully passive, requires no signal conditioning, […]

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Measurement Specialties

December 12th , 2010 → 8:36 am @

Dee distributes and provides value-added services for Measurement Specialties to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), CMs (contract manufacturers), and supports Purchasing Agents, Buyers, Engineers, and Supply Managers to find solutions and exceed their goals. If you are an existing client of DEE, you may check our Measurement Specialties inventory via your custom extranet portal or via DeeCommerce.  If you are […]

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