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Implementing successful Supplier Reduction is a big animal.  Implementing significant Cost Savings is another big goal.  Both Strategies are at the top of the list with nearly all Equipment Manufacturers.  They are both challenging and critically important objectives and implementing and executing both of these strategies successfully at the same time presents extreme challenges.  DEE has written a Free White Paper Report that outlines the 5 Most Critical Factors to achieving both Supplier Reduction and Cost Savings simultaneously.  The information presented in this report has been accumulated and analyzed over a period of many years of working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).  What the report shares is a nicely consolidated list of best practice factors that have lead to actual Supplier Reduction/Cost Savings success at different equipment manufacturers.

If you would like a copy of this FREE White Paper Report, just send an email to MyFeedback@Dee-inc.com, put in a Subject of “5 Key Factors to Supplier Reduction and Cost Savings Simultaneously” Report, and provide your contact information.

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