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Triple-Level 2.5 Millimeter Blocks Added to UT Product Line

Conserving Valuable Space on DIN Rail is Another Reason to Choose Reliable UT Screw-Clamp Terminal Blocks from the Worldwide Leader in Industrial Connection Technology

Manufactured with reliable screw-clamp connection technology, UT 2.5-3L modular terminal blocks feature three terminal levels with corrosion-resistant copper alloy components.  The innovative Reakdyne design prevents screws from backing out, and these triple-level blocks support robust FBS push-in bridging for power distribution, the UT 2.5-3L series conserves valuable space on DIN rail and supports mission-critical applications in control systems across many industries.  UT 2.5-3L terminal blocks have current ratings of 300 V at 20 A or 600 V at 5 A* with 26-12 AWG under UL file # E60425.

The UT series supports numerous mission-critical applications in control systems across many industries.  Ideal for use within industrial automation and machine building sectors, UT is famous among users in energy, process/oil & gas, and water treatment industries.

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